Splunk>Apptitude is an online competition for the next big app in big data. We want your big ideas, and will give you more than just bragging rights. We’ll give you cash.

Splunk's breakthrough products have changed how thousands of organizations use data. Unlocking powerful insights from machine data is something every organization needs to take advantage of—and with Splunk, they can.

And now you can help us change the way people use Splunk!

Splunk>Apptitude is our online competition to find the next big app in Splunk. Whether it’s the next cutting edge visualization, or a highly technical security app – we want your ideas, and will give you more than just bragging rights. We’ll give you cash.*

In this inaugural Splunk>Apptitude, we’re giving away prizes in two categories:

  1. Microsoft SCCM (Systems Center Configuration Manager)
  2. Innovation – we want your best ideas!

We want YOU to build an app that showcases the very best of Splunk. Have something you've been playing with on the side? Or maybe your company has developed something really cool that we would love? This is your chance to really knock our socks off - and win some cash.

C'mon, show us your Apptitude. We dare you.


*Please see Official Rules for complete details.

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Who can enter?

  • Participants: Individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years old and the age of majority in their jurisdiction of primary residence as of the start of the Contest.
  • Countries: Must be the legal resident of any one (1) of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, Austria, Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, New Zealand,  Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland or The United Kingdom to participate.
  • Team up: Feel free to join forces with friends, relatives, and even random strangers. Just remember: if you win, you are responsible for allocating prizes to your team.
  • Employees not eligible: Splunk Employees are not eligible to win.

Please read the Official Rules for eligibility.


In this inaugural Splunk>Apptitude, we’re looking for your best app ideas built in Splunk, and are giving away prizes in two categories:

  • Microsoft SCCM (Systems Center Configuration Manager)
  • Innovation – we want your best ideas!

What to build: Participants must create a working Splunk app addressing either Microsoft SCCM or your favorite. Need some guidance? Check out the Resources page.

Data requirements: In our Resources section, we have provided a sample data set for SCCM. If you choose to provide your own data set for either the SCCM or Innovation categories, you must submit that data set and describe the source as part of your release notes.

Other materials: You must include a full description of your app features, configuration, and installation as part of your submission. Looking for extra credit? Make sure you include all supporting documentation describing how you meet each of the criteria.

Best practices: Your application must conform to common best practices for packaging, distribution and directory hierarchy, as more fully described on the Resources page.

Want more details on what we're looking for? Check out the Resources page, and please read the Official Rules for full submission requirements.

How to enter

  1. Get a free Splunk developer license
  2. Build an app (or two, or three) for Splunk – design for Microsoft SCCM or submit your best idea!
  3. Submit your entry via Challengepost
  4. Spread the word! Share your app and Splunk>Apptitude with friends and Splunk users

Please see Official Rules for complete details.


Damien Dallimore

Damien Dallimore
Worldwide Developer Evangelist / Splunk

Stephen Sorkin

Stephen Sorkin
Chief Strategy Officer / Splunk

Rachel Perkins

Rachel Perkins
Senior Community Director / Splunk

Hal Rottenberg

Hal Rottenberg
Developer Evangelist and Microsoft MVP / Splunk

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Surprise us with your most innovative app, widget, visualization add-on or search-ninja skills. Nothing is excluded from this category. Impress your peers, community and judging team with your crazy ideas!
  • Technical Implementation
    Easy implementation is always important! Make sure that you follow the requirement guidelines document for submissions. Meeting minimum requirements is fine, but if you put in the extra effort - we're watching!
  • Presentation
    Eye candy anyone? Shiny new object? Make your App standout, by having transparent structure, layout design and reports/dashboards that are intuitive. If anyone can download, and understand the app immediately - you've partially-mastered presentation!
  • Coolness
    Apps can be simple or complex. Demonstrate your Splunk-foo skills, aim for value and shock the community and us! We won't be prescriptive, but if you make something cool - it won't go unnoticed!
  • Extra Credit
    Want to push your entry over the top? Include explanations of the following to earn extra points: Common information model; Value of the solution; Portability; Quality assurance; Sustainability. See official rules for complete details.