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Getting Invalid File Format error trying to upload file for submission

Trying to upload my-file.zip - and getting red "Invalid File Format" error.
This is standard 330Kb ZIP file.
Tried uploading .spl file - got the same error.
Tried recreating ZIP file with different utility - same problem.

For now I'm specifying my submission ZIP file as externally downloadable.
It allows me to save the draft this way but won't allow me to submit an entry due to no files uploaded and I cannot upload any file due to above error.

Please advise.



  • Manager   •   over 6 years ago

    Hi Gleb,

    Is this submission beyond 35mb? If so, you could put the file in another location and include a text file to point to the location of that file in your submission. Please reply back if you have problems.


  •   •   over 6 years ago

    No its 330Kb file.
    But I've uploaded TXT file with instructions instead and it seems to worked.

    Thank you,


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